Horror Made Here A Festival of Frights 2018: It Knows What Scares You

October 2018

Planet C Studios in collaboration with Mycotoo created the maze “It knows What Scares you”. With the use of practical effects, projections and a killer cast of ScareActors they brought Pennywise to the warner bros back lot.

Maze Synopsis:

Pennywise has returned to bring you face to face with your darkest fears. Experience the block buster film’s scariest moments inside the famous Niebolt house as pennywise tries to make you his next victim.

  • Producer / Creative Director - Michael Carone
  • WB Studio Tour Executive Director - Danny Kahn
  • WB Studio Tour Director of Marketing - Gary Soloff
  • SFX Media Supervisor - Chris Biggs
  • Mycotoo Creative / Casting Director - Bonnie Hallman
  • Mycotoo Art Director - Daniel Hirsch
  • Charlie Productions Lead Decorator - Sara Silberstein
  • Costume Designer - Kristin Burke
  • Dept. Head Make Up - David Woodruff